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Hi, this is Lawal Ridwan. I want to say thank you for requesting for a copy of my book where I explain 4 little known but very profitable businesses you can start with little money.

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​With that said, I want to quickly ask you a question:

​​​​​Would You Like to Know The Fastest Way For Any Nigerian to Earn Up to N1m a Month Online In 2019

Here is the gist:

​I know about 15 different ways anyone can use to make ​money online

But what I am about to expose to you is the fastest ​route to N1m a month out of the 15 methods

That does not mean it will work for everyone though

First, it won't work for you if you are not computer literate

It won't work for you if you are a lazy person...if you are not willing to put in some efforts

And it definitely won't work for you if you are not willing to learn a few new things

For example, if you are too lazy to read a 10 paged report or watch a 30 minutes video, I am sorry...this is not for you

Most people are lazy and they deserve the kind of life they live

An example are people who always fall for scams like MMM simply because they want to make a lot of money without doing any work

Even Dangote still works to make money

One thing I have found out about majority of my students who win is that:

The joy of making more money and living a better life PUSHES them to try harder

One of them is a young guy named Emmanuel.

Emmanuel has a job where he is paid N75,000 a month

But he has always wanted to buy a car to use for the UBER business

A used Corolla or Camry will cost about N1.4 - N1.7m

Even if he saves his entire N75,000 a month salary for a year (which is not possible), he will only have N900,000 which is not up to the money he needs.

But using what I am about to tell you, he was able to buy not just one car, but 2 new cars within 4 months.

He bought a Toyota Camry and a Hinda Civic.

Of course, they are Tokunbo cars but both are worth N2.7m

So, he is using the Camry for the UBER business and driving the Civic around

He is still keeping his N75k a month job too because it is extra monthly income for him and because he gets some extra benefits from it.

He now has a monthly income that breaks down this way:

Income from his online business: N500,000/month

Income from his Uber business: N120,000/month

Income from his job: N75,000/month

TOTAL: N695,000/month

All of these happened because he is willing to put in some extra effort.

Even if he pauses his online business for a month, he will still be making far enough monthly income that most Nigerians.

I am not saying you will start making N1m a month in the next 30 days

That is not likely to happen because you will need to learn some few things

But if you are passionate about improving your life and listen to my advice, very soon, it will happen for you

Depending on your commitment, let's say you make N200,000 in your first month

Then you move on to N350,000 in your second month

And in your 5th month, you are already at N500,000, you will be glad that you put in the work.

And your lifestyle will begin to improve.

That is when those lazy losers will see you and start to talk about how LUCKY you are.

They probably saw the same opportunity but were too lazy to act.

Anyway...this business model that my students are currently using to generate an extra N400,000 or more on a monthly basis is also the perfect way for you to start learning how to sell online

I have created a detailed video training that explains how this business model works and how you can start to generate more income with it as soon as possible.

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