Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool

Do you want to conduct keyword research before writing or blogging new content? Do you have a budget? If so, there is no need to look any further than the H-Supertools free Keyword Research Tool.

It is completely free, simple to use, and very accurate. For any subject in any niche, our keyword finder creates a list of related keywords using Google Autosuggestions. You can find the best keywords for your website or blog with the aid of the algorithm.

It’s the best substitute for Google Keyword Planner because the information is obtained directly from Google. To learn more about the tool now, continue reading.

The most effective substitute for Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool.

To find out the precise words people use, Google offers a free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner does not display the actual monthly search volume. You might need to conduct an AdWords campaign for that.

And while doing so costs you money, you shouldn’t stop using the tool because of it. You can almost precisely determine the monthly search volume for your keywords because H-Supertools allows you to conduct keyword research.

If you “create an account without a campaign,” the Keyword Planner may be free to use. However, it then necessitates numerous clicks. Our Keyword Research Tool is the best alternative for locating your keywords. It has a ton of useful features that we’ll discuss later.

But let’s get started right away by learning how it functions so that you can use it with confidence.

How to Use the Keyword Research Tool


The Google Search autocomplete or autosuggest feature is very helpful. The goal is to help users complete their searches more quickly. You can quickly refine the power of Autosuggest with the aid of our keyword research tool.

However, if you can use the Autosuggest or Autocomplete feature on your own, you might then question why you should use it at all.

Because it expedites the procedure and saves you time, you should use our tool. It also provides you with a wealth of metrics, like CPCs or volumes, to choose the most important keywords.

Are you a business owner, digital nomad, or blogger? If so, your only chance of success is to drive traffic to your website or blog. And the best way to do it is to create content based on the keywords that people use when conducting searches.

You can find the ideal keywords for your website using the tool, which is a keyword explorer or finder. Now let’s learn how it functions.

go to the tool

Put in a seed word.

then select “Search.”

The Keyword Research Tool then performs a Google search using parameters such as monthly volume, paid competition, and CPC. You then choose which keywords are ideal for your blog or website.


Keep in mind that when you search with your seed keyword, magic happens.


But what exactly is a seed keyword?


It’s a significant keyword in your niche that typically only has one or two words. Your keyword research begins here. For instance, if you want to define marketing as a niche in the first place.

Then, “what is marketing” or simply “marketing” could be your seed keyword. You’ll discover all the keywords associated with your seed or main keyword as you conduct a search for it. Use the search term “what is marketing” to find the following:

Defining marketing


1) Describe the marketing mix.

b) Describe a marketing automation system.

c) Describe the term “marketing strategy”

d) Marketing research: What is it?

Why is marketing management important?

f) Describe a marketing strategy.

What is a marketing campaign, exactly?

Why is marketing attribution important?

I A marketing funnel’s definition

plus more. Choosing a keyword based on paid competition, monthly volume, or CPC becomes simple for you.


Why Use  Keyword Research Tool?

Nevertheless unimpressed Then look over some of the top advantages of using our keyword tool.

Use it without creating an account for nothing.

You don’t have to register or pay anything to use our keyword generator. It implies that you won’t be required to provide your email address or credit card information. Additionally, it saves a ton of time.

Visit our Keyword Research Tool and start using it, please! It is a user-supported tool that is always going to be free. To maintain the tool’s smooth operation, we do, however, run ads and accept donations.

Various Options for Tailoring Your Keyword Research

There are times when you want to conduct keyword research for a specific nation. Sometimes you want to reach a worldwide audience. There are two choices under “Keyword Research Options” to the right of this tool:

Target (Country) (Country)

Language (English) (English)

Increased “keywords” limit (Sign-in required)

To find keywords that will help you reach a specific country or a global audience, choose option one. The US, UK, Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and South Africa are supported by our keyword research tool. We’re currently developing new languages.


Learn Freely About the Monthly Search Volume

Our tool, which also goes by the name “keyword traffic estimator,” measures keyword popularity. It implies that you can learn for free how many times per month people search for your keywords. The potential traffic to your site can then be estimated based on a variety of variables.


When conducting research for your blog, the search volume for a given keyword is an incredibly useful metric to take into account. Additionally, it aids in content prioritization. For instance, you might want to prioritize a keyword with a 1200 then a 600 search volume while keeping other variables constant.


Investigate the Paid Market for a Specific Keyword

Understanding the paid competition for each keyword is important when setting keyword priorities. Our H-Supertools Keyword Research Tool divides them into the following categories:


minimal opposition

moderately competitive

heightened rivalry

A decision is made based on data provided by Google AdWords by the tool. You can rank for a keyword with ads very easily if there is little paid competition for it. But if that’s the case, it must also be worthless. Set your keywords in order of importance.


Find the CPC to Determine Keyword Priorities

The term “cost per click” (CPC) refers to the price that advertisers pay to online advertising networks like Google AdWords for each click. Discovering the high CPC keywords is crucial because, as a publisher, you make a sizable profit.


the positive news With the aid of our keyword research tool, you can discover the CPC for each keyword. Following that, you can quickly order keywords based on CPC. Usually, it is in US dollars. CPC for “online marketing,” for instance, is $5.24.


The ads for the keyword that are displayed within your content will earn you almost $5.24 per click. CPC can be useful for determining the worth and level of keyword competition. If you want to learn more about high CPC keywords, read this post.


Discover Rank-Easy Keywords

Utilizing our related keyword generator, you receive pertinent keywords and information when you enter your seed keyword. Additionally, if you choose a specific keyword from the list of results, you can tap the related keywords as well. These are very useful for tapping long-tail keywords.


Nothing in the world of internet marketing is as “easy to rank.” However, the data indicates that some keywords are more challenging to rank for than others. Additionally, long-tail keywords with three words or more are typically easy to rank for.


Copy or export the appropriate keywords

Do you remember how laborious it was to manually gather keywords for your website or blog? The importance of “the ability to copy or export the keywords” must be understood if the answer is yes. Additionally, you can hand-pick them based on your research.

You can copy just a few keywords or all of them. Additionally, you can export them as a CSV file to your computer. You can use it thereafter whenever you need it. The useful keywords can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.


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