[REVEAL] How I have made $1,295 from one video using Fiverr + Youtube

[REVEAL] How I have made $1,295 from one video using Fiverr + Youtube

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all doing okay at the moment. I have wanted to share this guide for a while now and I hope that it could help a few of you get some extra income during those uncertain times.


So a few months ago I have noticed a sort of a trend on Youtube of big channels creating Fiverr videos. You probably know what I am talking about: all those videos of big content creators with click bait titles such as “I paid X on Fiverr and that’s what I have got”, “I hired X on Fiverr and then that happened”, in all sort of different, crazy niches:

Needless to say it sparked my hobby and I even have attempted to dig deeper into it. A lot of these videos went viral without problems, and I was questioning whether I can reproduction their success and if it would work for a smaller channel as properly. I even have went thru loads of different comparable Fiverr movies, looking to examine them and parent out a type of template of what makes them a success.

The general concept of these videos is commonly – The Youtuber choose a form of provider this is offered on Fiverr, purchase and check some services with special price points and in the end he show off the deliveries that he acquired from the Fiverr dealers to the audience.

When I started examining the ones videos, the two primary matters I have noticed had been:
1) Almost none of the existing Fiverr motion pictures had one crucial detail – affiliate hyperlinks.
2) After each viral Fiverr video from a massive channel, the endorsed motion pictures regarded to be comparable motion pictures (usually approximately the equal exact provider) from lots smaller channels.

Sure, videos just like the ones above that have tens of millions of perspectives and are created via widely recognized content creators are making excellent money from ad sales, however adding a simple affiliate link sounds so easy and I became certain it could increase the earnings margins. Not to say that for smaller channels like mine it may be the simplest source of income, if you are not monetised.

The subsequent step I took changed into looking around for comparable Fiverr films from small channels, with lower quantity of perspectives. and there may be simply a variety of them:

Now, ninety five% of them didn’t have affiliate hyperlinks as well, but had nice quantity of remarks and likes and it was very clear that in spite of normally having low view numbers – they had exact engagement ratio and it seemed that all of us watching the ones movies become focused and relevant to the service type, that’s a shame because as I stated – maximum of them did not have any affiliate link.

At this factor, I changed into bought and decided that it is time for me test this concept out and spot how a Fiverr video from a cutting-edge channel would carry out. It glaringly might not make any money from ads, so the only element that counts is associate commissions.

Integrating with Fiverr’s Affiliate Program

So let’s speak a piece approximately Fiverr’s associate program as most of you are in all likelihood not conscious that it even exists. I wasn’t both until remaining 12 months.

The application itself is quite simple – you send traffic to Fiverr gigs or classes, and get paid both thru:

1) A constant CPA commission (among 15-a hundred and fifty$) for the primary buy of a person who signed up the use of your link, relying at the class of the service he purchased.

2) An hybrid revenue share fee of 10$ + 10% of the overall purchases the users you send make on Fiverr in the course of the primary one year after their registration date.

This model is ideal for the sort of films we am talking approximately as they’re showcasing very precise gigs, which increases the danger your referred users might genuinely be interested by getting a comparable provider to the ones you have showed and come to be buying the equal gigs.

Link to sign up to this system – https://affiliate.fiverr.com/

The procedure of the Fiverr + Youtube approach:

Step 1 – Choosing a specific subject matter:

The first step is obviously selecting the subject of the video. It needs to be approximately checking out a Fiverr carrier, but there are lots of different options to pick from.

I don’t want to disclose the exact area of interest I even have chosen, however let’s just say that I failed to put too much effort into it and just went with something that I saw changed into doing well already.

My proposal for folks who would like to strive it out and find a subject matter for a video is to go to Youtube and comply with the autoplay cycle.

What does it suggest? you visit a popular Fiverr video and click at the video showing up in the “up subsequent” segment, like this:

till you arrive to a video that have a realistic quantity of perspectives (30K and less). Now you just reproduction it and create a video at the same topic, with a few twists to make it unique.

Why? because like I even have said earlier than – my principal take from this trend is that once every Fiverr video from a massive channel, the recommended motion pictures are almost constantly similar films from medium channels. Your aim should be that your video might join the autoplay cycle and might get recommended as well after the ones medium channels. This manner we’re going to begin getting a few clean unfastened visitors.

Step 2 – Testing some Fiverr offerings

So after we’ve chosen the subject of our video, it’s time to test a few Fiverr gigs so we would have real content material for the video.

I debated with myself plenty concerning what number of offerings I need to try to exhibit in the video. when I studied the wide variety of services proven on different Fiverr motion pictures I saw numbers ranging to up to ten distinctive offerings in a single video. The more thrilling element that surprised me become the fact that a few videos showcased most effective a unmarried Fiverr gig, and they seemed to do just as properly.

As it become an experiment, I actually have determined to observe this selection so that you can store cash and see if it is without a doubt vital to check and show more than one alternatives.

Step three – Producing the actual video

Surprisingly, the manufacturing of the video itself become not very complex and typical it took me just a few hours to get everything accomplished.

You ought to goal for a 7-10 mins video, divided into three elements:

  1. discussing the kind of carrier you are going to test out
  2. showing the available options in Fiverr and the precise provider you decided to buy.

three. discussing the very last results along with your audience.

I made the entirety with a screen casting software and my very own voice. You can virtually pay a voice over artist to do it for you, however I think it is very critical that the voice could sound private and not like your standard advertisements guy.

After a few basics pieces of enhancing, the video changed into almost equipped. I paid a guy on Fiverr to create a thumbnail for me (loose concept for a some other video, everybody?) as the ones can sincerely make or break any Youtube video, particularly after I am banking on getting extra views from counseled and vehicle-play traffoc. All the Fiverr videos have quite a whole lot the equal layout (as you may see from the previous screenshots) so I just informed him to create something comparable.

And in the end – I published the video on a state-of-the-art channel. I did right on-page optimisation and made a comparable description to most of the other videos I become competing with, as well as almost the exact title of the video that I was looking to get vehicle suggested for. This may be very vital and you need to definitely examine extra about Youtube optimisation if you aren’t acquainted with the situation.

Results and end:

As will be anticipated, the video failed to emerge as an immediate viral hit, however after some time it started out getting a steady every day range of views which maintains getting better and better as time goes with the aid of. Currently, the video got approximately 6K perspectives. I am nowhere near monetization desires, but that turned into by no means the factor of this channel.

It’s been approximately 4 months given that I actually have to begin with posted my video. Here’s the whole wide variety of commissions I have made from it through the Fiverr affiliates program:

I believed on this idea, however the results still amazed me. Sure, this number isn’t a huge amount of money especially whilst unfold across four months, however I even have spent approximately 100 dollars creating this video so the ROI is very exceptional.

More so, if you calculate the CPM from this video it comes down to approximately 2 hundred$, that’s simply INSANE in assessment to Adsense.

The backside line from my attitude is that this type of films simply paintings, both in terms of traffic and in terms of the cash you could earn from them, specifically in case you use Fiverr’s associate application to earn more commissions. It require you to put a few effort into the video advent, however as long as you create nice content material it would pay off.

The massive channels keep growing this type of films due to the fact they get viral effortlessly and make them lots of cash, however there is no reason that smaller channels may not take advantage of this approach as properly. And now you know the way!

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